“Who will I become with this decision I’m about to make?”

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes we make snap decisions, long drawn out decisions, bad/good decisions and sometimes we put off making any decision at all for a myriad of reasons. Bottom line: We really don’t know what will happen once we go down a certain “fork in the road” and how much it may change our whole existence. But, we must move forward and take chances in life when big decisions face us. Like moving to another city/country, taking a new job, ending or starting a relationship or venturing into a whole new chapter in your life. Exciting, yes! Scary, you bet. But what do we do, just sit around and wait for “the right time”, the “perfect job”, “under the right circumstances”? Opportunities and transformational experiences are the result of our decisions in life. This is a good article from one of my favorite authors, David Brooks. Just ordered the book, Transformative Experience, that he mentions in the article. Will share my thoughts on the book later in my next blog.

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