Working with Both Individuals and Organizations

The most common question I get when I tell people about my business is… “So, who do you work with?”

First of all, let me share with you my coaching philosophy. It’s my personal belief that people are, by their very nature, creative, resourceful, and whole. They are capable of finding answers, choosing, taking action, recovering when they don’t succeed and are always capable of learning.

My mission as a coach and consultant is to help individuals and organizations succeed, thrive and conquer any challenges that come their way. That’s a broad based statement, so you may naturally wonder, “That’s great, but how can this guy really help me or my organization?”

Drawing from my own life and career experiences, the people who will most likely be interested in my coaching and consulting services will be…

  • Financial advisors and other business owners in their “mature years” who are peeking over the fence to their own retirement or next phase in their lives.
  • Key executives in organizations who strive to be very successful, but at the same time want to be sure that their core values and beliefs are aligned with their career.
  • People who are in some form of transition in their life like a career change, starting a new business or how to transition out of the workforce into the next chapter in their lives.