Monthly Archives: August 2015

26 Aug

“Who will I become with this decision I’m about to make?”

Decisions, decisions. Sometimes we make snap decisions, long drawn out decisions, bad/good decisions and sometimes we put off making any decision at all for a myriad of reasons. Bottom line: We really don’t know what will happen once we go down a certain “fork in the road” and how much it may change our whole existence.

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08 Aug

“So, what do you do for work?”

Sounds like a simple question. One we get all the time, right? But how do we answer that question clearly and simply to make sure people really KNOW what we do? I think this question is more wrapped up in our need to share with people who we are as people first as opposed to

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04 Aug

How are you “hard wired” when faced with challenges in your life?

We all face challenges during our lives with relationships, health issues and whatever life throws at us. It’s HOW we react and cope with these rough times that matters the most in how well we bounce back and move forward both physically and psychologically. We often-times revert back to old negative thought patterns that exacerbate the

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